1. Leaning on the shoulders of those who already stood on the shoulders of giants, we affirm together with Pico della Mirandola the dignity of man and his unique intermediate position with his roots on Earth and mind and heart turned to Heaven. The will, the genius, the art, the industriousness soaked in high culture and craftsmanship guide us in the exploration of what appears to be meticulously studied and turns out to be, for the most part, shrouded in the darkness of a centuries-old unawareness.
  2. We want to repair the look, the eye, the attention and the mind in the approach to the works of art, returning consideration to the observer.
  3. The iconographic analysis and the literary, historical, artistic references of the context in which the single work of art was produced will be our tools.
    We call who is able to distill this evidence ICON ANALYST
  4. A misunderstood sectarian sense exalts conformism, obedience, the submission of perceptive capacity and literary and iconographic preparation to the sclerotized eye of the dominant cultural currents.
  5. We affirm that the levels of interpretation of a work are much greater than those that have been studied so far. We affirm that it is necessary to believe in the historical sources, in the personal histories of the artists, in the dialogue between them, in their libraries, in their wisdom as complete intellectuals in order to tap into the technical, iconographic, symbolic, cultural, propagandistic depth of each work. Being adherent to the context and the cultural milieu in which the works were born, also means not being frightened by the monstrous, fantastic, disturbing element that is represented in the watermark.
  6. We want to celebrate the artists and bring them back to the place where they belong: the present.
  7. Revealing to the untrained eye what has always been in the work is the tool to hook the art heritage of past centuries to the contemporary world.
    We call the contemporary artists who make this possible ICON ALCHEMISTS.
  8. Nothing that is unveiled was absent before the gaze of the ICON ANALYST and the intelligent hand of the ICON ALCHEMIST etched the Veil of Maya.
  9. We urge the users of art to Believe in their Own Eyes.
  10. Being in the present also means using the means and tools of the present for the dissemination, enjoyment and possession of artistic creations. NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS, or NFTs, can be a valid tool to respond to these needs, as well as affirming the need for disintermediation for artists and researchers, who through them can aspire to live independently from their work.
  11. Art was never exclusively physical yesterday and cannot be exclusively virtual today. The Universe and the Metaverse coincide in Man.