Do not despise this opinion of mine, in which you are reminded that it is not serious for you to stop at any time to see in the stains of the walls, or in the ashes of the fire, or clouds or mud, or other similar places, nor which, if they will be Considered by you, you will find most marvelous inventions, which arouse the painter’s ingenuity to new inventions, both of compositions of battles, of animals and of men, as of various compositions of countries and monstrous things, as of devils and similar things , because they will be a cause to honor you; because in confused things, ingenuity awakens to new inventions. But before you know how to make all the members of those things you want to figure, as well as the members of animals as well as the members of countries, that is, stones, plants and the like.

Treatise on Painting (Leonardo da Vinci), Second Part / 63.
Way to increase and awaken the ingenuity to various inventions

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